SME Development

What do we do?

We support Chilean business’s projects through matching grants, to improve their management, process and offer. We also support networks, both horizontals (SMEs’ groups) and verticals (big company and its SMEs suppliers). That way they can improve productivity and ease their internationalization.

What do we want to achieve?

Improve country’s productivity, through competitive SMEs and production diversification both for domestic and foreign markets.

Bear Story

Bear Story

Nodo Exportación Tarapacá

Nodo Exportación Tarapacá


Companies have been part of network projects, to access new markets. [to improve productivity?]


Business and entrepreneurs have strengthened their networks and diminished their competitiveness gaps. 

"A balanced and sustainable, long term development for Chile depends on competitive business, being part of global value chains"


Companies or individual entrepreneurs

Business and entrepreneurs selling yearly less than US$ 4.000.000, wishing to be part of global value chains, diminish their competitiveness gaps or be part of the audio visual cluster.


SME related institutions (Business Associations, Universities or Development Trusts) to manage out sourced SMEs promotion projects.

If you are a company or individual entrepreneur, we suggest you look into: Entrepreneurship, Technology Capacities, Investment & Finance, Strategic Investments, Innovation, Chile Transforms

If you are an institution, we suggest you to look into: Entrepreneurship, Investment & Finance, Strategic Investments, Chile Transforms