Chile Transforms

What do we do?

Improve our Economy competitiveness strengthening human capital, innovation and productivity, to solve coordination failures and remove obstacles in strategic industries.

What do we want to achieve?

Transform Chile into a world class, highly productive, technology savvy, competitive country with an innovative, sophisticated and sustainable business sector.

Healthy Foods

Developing tomorrow’s food


Solar Power Programme


Scholarships for industry specific, training and certification courses


US$ 57 million appropriated for strategical initiatives 

"We need to advance faster towards a knowledge based economy, powered by innovation and sustainability".


Companies or individual entrepreneurs

Small and Medium fast growth focused Enterprises, looking to invest in tech based or value added projects.


People searching jobs into global value chains, looking for training and skills certification as highly qualified human resources.


Institutions managing training and certification programs. High value clusters, strategically important for the national economy.

If you are a company or individual entrepreneur, we suggest you look into: Entrepreneurship, Technology Capacities, Investment & Finance, Strategic Investments, Innovation, SME Development

If you are a person we suggest you to look into: Entrepreneurship

If you are an institution, we suggest you to look into: SME Development, Entrepreneurship, Investment & Finance