Strategic Investments

What do we do?

We foster private strategic investments. We call strategic investments that reduce competitiveness gaps in relevant territories and clusters. We work with an offer of matching grants to ease and accelerate the investment decision making.

What do we want to achieve?

We strive to attract and support strategic, high impact investments. We expect them to generate positive impact in clusters and territories’ production environment.

Convenio MOU

Corfo y Everis firman convenio para el desarrollo de un HUB Digital

Apoyo a la Inversión Productiva para la Reactivación

+US 900Million

Into pre-investment studies and technological investment projects.


Jobs expected for coming years, out of investment projects implementation.

We want to contribute strategic investments and thus the reduction of competitiveness gaps in relevant clusters


Companies or individual entrepreneurs

It targets business or individual entrepreneurs, domestic or foreign, with investment projects in excess of US$ 12 million. It target domestic or foreign companies with investment project in excess of US$ 18.000.-


It targets people or entities with projects in excess of US$ 18.000.-


Institutions managing a projects’ portfolio