What do we do?

We encourage companies to take risks and to find new ways to face challenges. That’s why we provide matching grants to support R&D for new products, services or process, whether brand new, or to improve those in use. We also support the development of innovation supporting eco systems, to ease the way into innovation.

What do we want to achieve?

We want that business come to believe in innovation, that they see it as a process, rather than a one off result, that they take risk into their growth process.

Piensa en nuevos retos

Revisa si Corfo es la instituciĆ³n para desarrollar tu idea o hacer crecer tu empresa.


100% Chilean Designed and Manufactured Electric Vehicle


Projects come from outside Santiago Metropolitan Region.


Business receiving innovation related matching grants are SMEs.

“We want a fairer and more developed Chile, giving opportunities to all and changing the ways things are done down here”


Companies or individual entrepreneurs

Start-ups, initial growth ventures, established business. SMEs especially targeted.


Universities and Technology Research Centres.

If you are a company or individual entrepreneur, we suggest you look into: Entrepreneurship, Technology Capacities, Investment & Finance, Strategic Investments, Chile Transforms

If you are an institution, we suggest: Technology Capacities

How do we coordinate our job?