What do we do?

We support those who want to start innovative business.  That’s why we work with entrepreneurs with new ideas, who need financial support to start business.  Is not the only thing, we also help supporting innovation supportive ecosystems, so they provide consulting, networking and fostering competition.

What do we want to achieve?

We want to change Chile, supporting entrepreneurs who face challenges to our economy in a new way.

Atrévete a emprender

Revisa si Corfo es la institución para desarrollar tu idea o hacer crecer tu empresa.


The evolution in school-family communication


Dynamic Ventures, country wide.


Entrepreneurship Supporting Institutions receive our help to provide services and deliver financial support to dynamic entrepreneurs.

“We want to provide opportunities to all, country wide. To have a dynamic, creative, inclusive economy, to bring Chile to development”


Non incorporated entrepreneurs

Wishing to start innovative projects

Companies or individual entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs starting innovation projects. Corporations wishing to support entrepreneurs.


Business Incubators and Accelerators, Mentoring Networks, Angels Networks, coworking, crowdfunding, global hubs and funds providing early stages finance, thus supporting entrepreneurs.

If you are a business or entrepreneur, we suggest you to look into: Technology Capacities, Investment & Finance, SME Development, Chile Transforms

If you are an institution, we suggest you look into: Investment & Finance, SME Development, Chile Transforms

How do we coordinate our job?